Total Wellness Concepts LLC currently provides services for the city of Columbus in multiple locations and buildings.

  • We also provide services to our National clients such as Sanoh of America, Blue Cross Blue Shield and others who have multiple locations in Ohio and across the country.
  • We have organized programs that take place on same day in multiple locations.
  • Our partners provide ongoing classes at both their locations and corporate locations on a daily basis. Ohio State University is a client that multiple classes are held each day.
  • Nationwide insurance is a former client of TWC in which we organized multiple classes in multiple locations.

Lunch and Learns:

  • TWC can conduct Lunch and Learns for multiple locations on any normal business day
  • ™ The Lunch and Learns can be 30 minute-2 hour presentations on health and wellness related topics
  • ™Vendor will bring all necessary equipment and provide all supplies, and handouts

Ongoing Classes: Lunch and Learn topics

  • ™ Weight management: “Healthy Weigh”
  • ™ Fitness and exercise: Various Topics
  • ™ Pre- and postnatal care: Baby and Me
  • ™ Menopause: “Life After Menopause”
  • ™ Stress management: “Balancing Work, Family, Finances”
  • ™ Making the Change: How to Adopt Healthy Behaviors and Keep Them
  • ™Tobacco Free for Life: Nationally credentialed program, various options available including significantly discounted nicotine replacement therapy
  • ™Managing Diabetes, Type I and II, Gestational, Glucose intolerance/resistance, metabolic Syndrome
  • ™Osteoporosis
  • ™Renal Disease
  • ™Cardiovascular Disease
  • ™Cholesterol management: Hyperlipidemia, High Triglycerides Low-HDL,
  • ™Understanding and Controlling Asthma
  • ™Managing Back pain

Other Class Topics:

  • Living with a developmental disability — yours or that of a family member
  • Living with chronic illness — yours or that of a family member
  • Adjusting to dependent living as a result of health issues or aging
  • Conflict/anger management
  • Family/relationship mediation
  • Anxiety – Depression — yours or that of a family member
  • Substance abuse

p: (614) 414-7885

f: (614) 942-6210