TWC Pharmacy Services

Total Wellness Concepts provides pharmacy services as an integral part of your Health Clinic. By providing pharmacy services to your clinic, patients have easier access to medications and medication counseling. Medication compliance increases with on-site pharmacy and counseling in addition, pharmacists help counsel patients on how to change their unhealthy behaviors, and adopt healthier lifestyles. Total Wellness Concepts LLC’s pharmacists are trained in Spirometry, Asthma Care, Osteoporosis Care, Diabetes Management and Lipid management. The addition of pharmacy services will have a positive impact on patient education and compliance as well as help reduce barriers to access to care.

Total Wellness Concept’s mission is to provide high-quality, personalized and affordable preventive health and wellness services while delivering maximum value to our clients. Our guiding principles are to customize our services consistent with each client’s organizational priorities and offer the broadest range of options consistent with those priorities. And our core goal in delivering our services is to develop a relationship with each client, create an individualized wellness plan, and find the best resources to support this plan.

Benefits to Patients:

  • Access on-site to medications, medication therapy and counseling
  • Personalized assistance from pharmacists for prescription assistance programs, filling of insurance claims and educating patients on proper use and contraindications of medication
  • Access to patient education information, educational resources,
  • Appropriate intervention for high-risk individuals with structured discussions concerning risks and self-care.

Benefits to the Company:

Ability to provide a comprehensive health and wellness program

  • Improve patient compliance and knowledge
  • Assistance in helping physicians and nurses with medication management, education reducing medical staff’s time and expense in treating patients while increasing patient understanding and knowledge of medication and disease states..
  • Minimal effort required by your Human Resources Department to offer comprehensive and personalized pharmacy services. Pharmacists will serve as an “extension” of the Human Resource Department by providing financial reports, inventory and oversight of pharmacy staff .

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